Relevance of the building line and the building alignment

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The parameters of building line and building alignment in the land-use plan

Traumhaus 1Building line

A building line stipulates for the house builder the alignment and the position of his dream house. The building must be positioned with the front side directly alongside the building line. The building line is an imperative measure and must be followed in any case.

The building line is either displayed in black and white or in a colored combination (straight line - point - straight line).
Baulinie Darstellung schwarzweißBaulinie Darstellung farbig

Typically, the building line is used to maintain a closed row of houses (for example alongside a road).

Building alignment

The building alignment surrounds an area on a property. The house can only be built within the building alignments. It is not permitted to even partially exceed the building alignment. In combination with the building alignments, defined setback to external walls above ground of adjacent buildings must also be maintained.

The building line is either displayed in black and white or in a colored combination (straight line - point).

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A combination of building alignment in conjunction with a building line may be stipulated in the land-use plan.
You can find additional articles helping you plan your house in our guidelines for house builders.

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Professional house plan software for designing your dream house

Traumhaus 2Hausplan 1

Whether you prefer an individual house or a prefabricated house - with our house plan software cadvilla professional nearly every wish can be fulfilled. An automatic quantity survey and a calculation of residential floor area for designing a house are also included in cadvilla professional. The CAD program cadvilla professional is the ideal software for designing your house on your own and for quickly gaining a first insight into 3D technology.

You can take over and process existing plans in 2D DXF/DWG format into 3D when planning your house.

ArCon planTEK - Import of ArCon planTEK and ACO data is possible

Compatible with Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Weitere Infos zu cadvilla professional

  • Sample pictures

Shown below are a few examples which were created with the cadvilla architecture software.

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Haus mit Flachdach Haus mit Flachdach Mehrfamilienhaus Einfamilienhaus Traumhaus 3
Traumhaus 4 Haus Mein Haus Traumhaus
Haus HausHaus modernes Haus Haus mit Vordach
modernes Haus modernes Haus Fertighaus Haus Wohnhaus
ohnhaus modernes Haus Traumhaus Beispiel Beispiel für Grundrissplan
Beispiel für Darstellungsmöglichkeiten Beispiel Beispiel Haus Haus
Haus Hausfassade Hausdach Haus modernes Haus
Haus Haus modernes Haus modernes Haus Haus

Küche Beispiel Küche Beispiel Küche Beispiel Küche Beispiel Küche Beispiel
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Inneneinrichtung Inneneinrichtung Inneneinrichtung Inneneinrichtung Bad
Wohnraum Wohnzimmer Wohnzimmer Wohnzimmer Wohnbeispiel
Wohnbeispiel Wohnbeispiel Büro Einrichtung 1 Büro Einrichtung 2 Büro Einrichtung 3

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