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Fire escape planner - Additional module for cadvilla

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Additional module for drawing fire escape and emergency plans

With our add-on module, you can easily create a professional fire escape and emergency rescue plan or a fire fighting plan.

In addition to a wizard, you have advanced drawing functions such as coloring walls, generating directional arrows, setting a location point (here you are), or automatically generating legends.

Our Add-On module includes a huge symbol catalog with more than 250 2D symbols

  • Fire prevention signs, general symbols for fire prevention
  • Fire-fighting signs, general symbols for fire-fighting plans
  • Mandatory signs and tags (blue)
  • Prohibition signs and tags (red)
  • Warning signs and tags
  • Rescue signs and tags (green)

This Add-on works only with cadvilla 7.x.x.x . If you have an older version, you have to upgrade your verison before.

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special price is valid until June 30th 2019

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This module is included in the following cadvilla versions

cadvilla basic
cadvilla basic plus
cadvilla professional
cadvilla professional plus

fire prevention signsrescue signsFire-fighting signsWarning signsMandatory signsProhibition signs