Ceiling cut-outs on walls

Ceilings automatically cut walls. In doing so with activated “Automatic ceiling” in your floor properties a ceiling cut-out on the top of the walls becomes visible. You can see this in 3D because ceilings here are invisible by default. The video shows this effect and how a ceiling cut-out is defined for multilayer walls.

Insert parallel walls

One of the input variants of walls is “Parallel Wall”. Here you select a reference line, of an existing wall for example, and choose the start position with a numeric value. After that the new wall direction is automatically parallel to the reference.

Room boundaries

Room boundaries are no walls but behave like walls, that means they intersect with other walls and create room contours. They can be used for split level constructions (to build rooms on different levels) or simply to create rooms or floors where a wall ist not really needed.

Multilayer walls, 2D representation of walls

The property dialogs of walls, ceilings and floors have a separate “structural layer” page. Here you can define new layers with properties like thickness, building material and resulting 2D representation. Complete multilayer walls can be save to the catalog and loaded in the future.

How to texturize single walls or parts of walls

In this Video-Tutorial we show you how you can texturize single walls and parts of walls. The basic workflow: There are different options how we can texturize walls. In the first method, which is the standard method to texturize walls, we select the “Catalogue” – “Textures” -“Materials”. We choose one of the numerous textures, select… … »»»