How to display a stair and a chimney as a 2D symbol (Works also with other objects)

You have entered at the ground floor of your project for example a stair (or a chimney, a fire place, a pillar…) and you want to display the stair (or a chimney, a fire place, a pillar…) in the 2D-view in the floor above as a 2D-symbol. Because you add with this method only a… … »»»

Download the full version of cadvilla

In some very few cases it may happen  that your download was interrupted what results in an incomplete cadvilla installation package. In such a case you will either get an error message when you launch the setup saying that the setup file has been corrupted  or the installation process stops at a certain stage while… … »»»

How to enter a ground plan based on a sketch

In this Video-Tutorial we show you, how you can enter a ground plan based on a sketch, a picture or a scan. The basic workflow: In the first step we create a new 2D view in cadvilla. Before we import the sketch we create a new layer for it. Therefore we make a right mouse… … »»»

How to define and how to change the predefined units

In this Video-Tutorial we show you how you can define the general settings in cadvilla. In the general settings you have the possibility to define for all unit types (for example length, area or volume), the units for the entry (for example meters, centimetre, millimetre, inch, feet). When you change a unit, all the units… … »»»