Zoom, Move, Rotate, Navigate in Views

Navigation in all views happens with keyboard, mouse or a combination of both. Available options differ in very few points between 2D and 3D views. In 3D views: mouse wheel: up / down SHIFT + mouse wheel: left / right CTRL + mouse wheel: zoom right mouse button pressed: zoom left mouse button pressed: rotate… … »»»

View properties

Every view has its own properties and visibilities. For all views different visibilities based on layers or element categories are available. Views also have type specific settings like hidden line calculation in sectional views or sun settings and background pictures in 3D. With these properties you can for example create one view showing the ground… … »»»

How to define and how to change the predefined units

In this Video-Tutorial we show you how you can define the general settings in cadvilla. In the general settings you have the possibility to define for all unit types (for example length, area or volume), the units for the entry (for example meters, centimetre, millimetre, inch, feet). When you change a unit, all the units… … »»»

The User Interface

The software contains several toolbars to insert and edit elements, PlugIns with specialised functions, views in 2D and 3D, a project viewer, catalogs with 3D objects, textures, materials and 2D symbols and a separate catalog with constructional elements like doors and windows, solar elements, skylights, window constructions and, depending on your version, 3D constructions and… … »»»

Getting started, overview

This video gives you in 7 minutes an overview about the handling of the program and necessary steps to create a building. Steps are: insert walls insert doors and windows copy and create a new floor add a roof

How to use the support pages

The support pages give you additional information about our products. Depending on the topic you are supported by videos, descriptions and pictures (Screenshots) , to describe the specific subject as detailed as necessary. The General – category contains topics which are, with a few exceptions, identical in all products and versions. The Extensions category shows… … »»»