Manually extending access rights to the cadvilla installation directory

An extended use of cadvilla sometimes also requires extending read and write permissions for individual cadvilla directories in the Program Files folder of Windows. By default, these permissions are limited in Windows by its User Account Control. You can change the permissions manually for individual directories. The default directory of a Cadvilla installation is located… … »»»

Change playback speed when playing videos

Videos can be played on YouTube at various adjustable speeds. The parameter for changing the playback speed can be found in the YouTube menu under Settings (bottom right in the video). Please note that the settings are only accessible in desktop mode. After clicking on the gearwheel, a dialog window opens in which you can… … »»»

After installing cadvilla it is not possible to start the program

After the installation of cadvilla 6.x.x.x the program can not be started and instead it ends with an error message. An error message with the following content is shown: Application has been terminated! The reason for terminating application was saved to your logfile. The reason for the program abort is a faulty (not completed) installation… … »»»

How to remove missing symbols, objects and textures

In this Video-Tutorial we show you how you can remove and delete missing symbols, objects & textures in the 3D CAD house planning software cadvilla. If you receive for example a cadvilla project per mail and the project includes symbols, objects and textures which are not available on your computer because they are for example… … »»»

How to define the tool options settings

In this Video-Tutorial we show you how you can define the tool options settings. The basic workflow: To edit the display settings for the “Tool Options” window in a project, we open the project, and after it we open the menu – “Settings” – “General”. Here we click on the point “Tools”. When we select… … »»»

Mouse and Key-Combinations for zooming in the 2D & 3D view

In this Video-Tutorial we show you some of the most important mouse and key combinations for zooming in the 2D & the 3D-view. The basic workflow: 2D-View: To get a good overview over our project we recommend the function “Show all”. We can select this function over “View” – “Show all” or we press alternative… … »»»