Door frames

With a few exceptions, for example entrance doors with side panels or sliding doors , doors consist of the filling 3D object only. These are standard 3D objects with some additional information. Frames are generated by the software if needed. The door dialog contains settings for block and enclosure frames.

Opening direction and hinges of windows and doors

Opening direction of windows and doors is defined during input, based on the position of the cursor relative to the wall axis. With the context menu of the right mouse button when a window or door is selected opening and hinge direction of doors can be easily changed. Hinges of windows can be edited in… … »»»

Using windows and window constructions from the catalog

Windows and window constructions have their own catalogs from which you can select the needed type during input or later. The video shows how you can choose a new type:

Scaling windows, change window size

There are two types of windows, those made of fixed 3D Objects like other elements from the 3D catalog and so called window constructions which are generated by the software based on the current properties. Even when you change the size of a window both variants show a different behaviour. I you change the size… … »»»

Input examples for windows and doors

When inserting windows and doors you get support by standard functions like “Changing reference points with CTRL+W, constructional supports like “with distance from” or “center”. The video shows examples of how windows and doors can be inserted effective and accurate.

Ceiling cut-outs on walls

Ceilings automatically cut walls. In doing so with activated “Automatic ceiling” in your floor properties a ceiling cut-out on the top of the walls becomes visible. You can see this in 3D because ceilings here are invisible by default. The video shows this effect and how a ceiling cut-out is defined for multilayer walls.