Input aids, functions for an effective workflow

The software contains several functions to support your daily work. Some important examples are shown in the videos below, which are: numeric input with constructional support from the context menu multiple copies of existing elements transfer properties from one element to another of the same type changing reference points with CTRL+W before elements are inserted

View properties

Every view has its own properties and visibilities. For all views different visibilities based on layers or element categories are available. Views also have type specific settings like hidden line calculation in sectional views or sun settings and background pictures in 3D. With these properties you can for example create one view showing the ground… … »»»

The User Interface

The software contains several toolbars to insert and edit elements, PlugIns with specialised functions, views in 2D and 3D, a project viewer, catalogs with 3D objects, textures, materials and 2D symbols and a separate catalog with constructional elements like doors and windows, solar elements, skylights, window constructions and, depending on your version, 3D constructions and… … »»»