How to enter and edit interior objects (3D)

In this Video-Tutorial we show you, how you enter and how you can edit interior 3D Objects (light parameters for intensity and color included). The basic workflow: To select and enter interior objects we select the “Catalogue” – “Interior”. To take a closer look to the desired object we make a double mouse click on… … »»»

Interior – Using 2D symbols – create your own 2D symbols

In this Video-Tutorial we show you, how you can enter, edit and create 2D interior objects. The basic workflow: To enter 2D objects from the catalogue we select “Catalogue” – “2D Symbols”. Here we find a large selection of predefined objects for our project. To import a 2D object to our project we select it… … »»»

Electrical planning

The electric planning is only possible with the 2D-graphic functions and inserting 2D-graphic symbols. With this functions you can insert lines, polygons, etc. … . Of course you can use custom designs for the line width and the colour (right mouse button in the view – “Properties“). The 2D-graphic symbols for the electrical planning you… … »»»