Create a wall foundation detail with 2D drawing tools


This video shows how you can create a wall connection detail using the 2D drawing functions of cadvilla.Therefore the following 2D & Layout drawing function are shown.

  • Polygon – closed polygon
  • Change the fill pattern of a polygon (standard fill pattern, 2D fill patterns > cadvilla Professional)
  • Change the pattern color
  • Change dimensions of a rectangle polygon
  • Enter line between 2 points , change color and line width
  • Create multiple copies of a polygon, define clear distance
  • Dimensions, change dimension end symbol and dimension guidelines
  • Using item text

You can also draw on existing data of a project for the creation of a wall connection detail. You define a cut in the  project and then convert the result  into a 2D graphics view.
For the converting of a (sectional) view into a 2D graphic view click on
View -> New 2D Graphics View
Afterwards the new 2D graphics view can be completed with the 2D drawing functions (as shown in this video).

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