Create your own window construction – overview of the possibilities


The standard window constructions contained in all cadvilla versions already cover a large part of our common windows. However, if a very special window is required, this can be generated with the window constructions plug-in.

With the module window constructions you can create new and own window types if the standard window constructions in the catalog are not sufficient. The video shows you how to use the module correctly and gives you an overview of the steps from starting the plug-in to defining a new window.

After completing the work, save the window in the catalog and then use it directly in your floorplan or load it back into the construction plug-in for later changes.

From WIN 7/8/10 onwards, problems with saving the window construction in the program folder can occur due to the user account control introduced by Windows. There are 2 ways to get around this problem.

  • Deactivating the user account control fro windows – further information can be found with google
  • The second option: You save the newly defined window construction, for example to the desktop and then copy the file manually into the cadvilla folder under AEC/WindowConstructions

    You find the window construction folder for example for the version cadvilla professional plus 9 under
    C:\Program Files\cadvilla professional plus 9\AEC\WindowConstructions

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