How to define the snap settings


In this Video-Tutorial we show you how you can define and how you can edit the snap settings.
There are two different methods how we can get into the general settings for snapping objects:

  • For the first method we open the menu – “Settings” – “General” – “Snap“.
  • The second method is the button “Snap on/off“. With a left mouse click on this button we can deactivate or activate the function “Snap“. If we make a right mouse click on this button we can get into the general snap settings.

The basic workflow:

  • In the general snap settings we can define, in the upper area of the window, the snap radius in pixels. We recommend a radius between 5 and 10 pixels.
  • At the point “Snap to…” we can define on which objects we snap. You can choose between “Lines“, “End point of lines” and “Help objects“. On a line, the snap point gets displayed as a circle. On a line end point, a grid point or a line intersection point the snap point gets displayed as a cross.
  • Below we can define which objects get considered when we snap objects. We can select or deselect the single functions or whole registers. When we click on the plus and minus symbols we can open and close the object trees. To snap on all objects we can select the function “All“.
  • To save the new settings we click on the button “Save as default“. Now we can use the settings also in a new project.
  • When we press “OK” we confirm the settings.

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