How to define the tool options settings

In this Video-Tutorial we show you how you can define the tool options settings.

The basic workflow:

  • To edit the display settings for the “Tool Options” window in a project, we open the project, and after it we open the menu – “Settings” – “General”. Here we click on the point “Tools”. When we select or deselect the single points we can activate or deactivate the display of the “Tool Options” window for different input functions. We recommend to activate the Tool Options Window for all input functions. To save the defined settings as a standard setting we select the function “Save as default”. After it we press “Ok”.
  • The “Tool Options” window will appear automatically when we enter for example a wall, position an object or enter a window.
  • When we use the “Tool Options” window we can show or hide it with the shortcut “W”.
  • To switch to the “Tool Options” window we select it with a left mouse click or we press the “SPACE” key. To switch between the single input-fields in the window we can use the “TAB” key. To confirm our entry we use the “ENTER” key.
  • The 3D-objects parameter tool appears when we enter for example a 3D-object in our 3D-view. We can also show or hide it with the shortcut “W”. When the window is displayed we can change the angle of a 3D-object with the help of the mouse wheel.

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