Electrical planning – drawing of electrical plans

This video shows how-to create a complete electrical planning with cadvilla. In our example, electrical planning means positioning and labelling of various switches, lights and sockets. Of course, other 2D electrical symbols can also be positioned in the same way when creating an electrical plan.

The first part of the video we use a floor plan drawn with cadvilla, on which we then position 2D symbols of the catalog for electrical planning.

In the second part of the video (from 16:25min) we additionally show how-to insert an existing floor plan based on an image (BMP / PNG / JPG) in a new cadvilla project, and then directly add your electrical planning on top.

Please note that the resolution of your floor plan image should not exceed the display resolution. A far too high resolution costs performance while you are working on your plans.

If you only have a floor plan in PDF format, you can use the free PDF-XChange Editor to convert it from PDF to JPG / BMP / PNG.

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