How to enter the first floor

In this Video-Tutorial we show you how you can enter the first floor with the 3D CAD house planning software cadvilla.

The basic workflow:

  • In the first step we make a right mouse click on the layer “Building” – “New floor above”. A new dialogue window opens and here we can define the name of the floor, the rough height and the structure heights. When we click on the point “Transfer” we can select at the point “Source” a source for the transfer, for example the Ground floor. At the point “Objects” we can select which objects should be transferred from the source (“none” – “all” – “selected”). If we choose the point “selected” we can select or deselect the single objects. We choose for example “all” and we confirm with “OK”.
  • In the next step we select all elements which we don’t need any more in the first floor (if we didn’t already deselected them in the transfer process) and we press “DELETE” to delete them. To make a multiple selection we press and hold the “SHIFT” key during the selection of several objects.
  • To trim walls in the new created floor we select “Edit” – “Edit wall” – “Trim wall” or we press the shortcut “b”. Now we trim the axis of the selected wall with the axis of the target wall. Of course we can also use the help of guidelines when we trim walls (“2D & Layout” – “2D Guidelines”).
  • To edit the properties of a wall (for example the wall height), we select the wall – right mouse button – “Properties”. To transfer the properties of a wall to other walls, we select the wall again – right mouse button – “Transfer properties”. A dialogue window appears and in this window we can select which properties we want to transfer (for example the height or the layer construction), after it we click on next and we select “Manual target selection” – “by target selection”. Now we tag all walls on which we want to transfer the properties and after it we press “ENTER”. Finally we click on “Finish”.
  • To transfer the properties of a door to another door, we correct defined door – right mouse button – “Transfer properties”. The next steps work in the same way as the transfer of the wall properties, we select the properties which we want to transfer, we select the doors and after it we press “OK” and “Finish”. To position a door we can use the function “Move with reference point” or shortcut “r” which we can find in the selection menu. To position a door for example in the middle of a wall, we can also use the function “constructional support”.
  • To transfer the properties of a window on another window, or to move a window, we use the same methods as with the doors.
  • To display the stair at the ground floor also in the first floor as 2D-symbol in the 2D-view, we select the stair – right mouse click – “Save selected object as 2D-Symbol”. We select a directory and we enter a name for the 2D-symbol. After it we can press “OK”. Now we switch to the first floor, we select the “Catalogue” – “2D Symbols” – “Open file”. We select the 2D-symbol and we position it in the 2D-view. To position the symbol we select it and we choose in the selection menu the function “Move with reference point” or shortcut “r”.
  • To define the room labelling we select a room – right mouse button – “Properties” – “Labelling”. We choose for example the points “Name” and “Floor area” and after it we confirm with “OK”. To transfer those properties we select again the text – right mouse button – “Transfer properties”.

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