In this Video-Tutorial we show you how you can export a cadvilla project as a 2D-DWG/2D-DXF file. Please note that this function is only available in the product version cadvilla professional plus or in a plug in which is available on our website.
The basic workflow:

  • In the first step we select the 2D-view, after it we select the “Menu” – “Export” – “2D-Formats” – “2D-DXF/2D -DWG-file“.
  • The export dialogue opens and at the point “Format” we can choose between different 2D-DWG and 2D-DXF formats.
  • After we have chosen a format, we can define under the point “More options…” the properties for the hatching, lines and colours.
  • At the point “Layers” we can show or hide the layers of the project. After every selection or deselection of a layer the preview window gets automatically updated.
  • At the point “Types” you can also hide and show different elements of the project. The preview window gets automatically updated.
  • Finally we press “OK” to export the file. We choose a directory for the file and we enter a name for it. To confirm the export we press “OK“.
  • The 2D DWG/2D DXF file is now saved and is ready for use.

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