How to create a timber construction

In this Video-Tutorial we show you how to create a timber construction in the architecture-software cadvilla. Please note that the extra tool we are using in this video-tutorial is available from the product version 8 and is already included in cadvilla professional plus 8.

The basic workflow:

  • In the first step we take a look at the existing layer construction of our walls. Therefore, we select a wall – right mouse click – “Properties”. In the properties we select “Layer construction”, there we can see how the layer construction of the selected wall is defined.
  • Now we select the timber construction wizard. We click on “Building” – “Wizard”. The timber construction wizard opens, here we can deselect the walls we don’t want to convert into a timber construction, and we can select wall layers for the timber construction. After it we click on “Next”.
  • In “Step 2” of the wizard we can change the properties, wood dimensions and the openings of the construction. After it we click on “Finish”.
  • The timber construction will be automatically created.
  • Afterwards we can also deactivate the timber construction for selected walls. Therefore, we choose the correct level & we select the wall – right mouse button – “Properties” – “timber construction”. Here we deactivate the checkbox “Create timber construction” and we confirm with “OK”.
  • To see the timber construction in the 3D-view we make a right mouse click in the 3D-view, and we select “Visibility”. Here at “Construction Elements” we deactivate “Walls” and “Floors”, after it we confirm with “OK”. Also we can deactivate the cladding with the button “Cladding” in the upper left corner of the view.
  • To modify the timber construction, we select a wall – right mouse button – “Properties”. We select “timber construction”. At “Grid spacing” we can define the grid space for the timber construction of the selected wall. To change the field width of a specific field of the timber construction we choose the desired field in the preview window with a left mouse click. Now we can enter the desired dimension at the point “Field width”.
  • To add an additional beam to the existing timber construction we choose “Building” – “Additional beam” – for example “Vertical” – “Create wall elevation”. We select a wall in the 2D-view (please mind the wall axis) and afterwards we choose “Building” – “Additional beam” – for example “Vertical” – “Insert vertical beam”. We click into the timber construction to select the element we want to edit. Now we enter the start & endpoint of the additional beam (we recommend the help of guidelines for a more precise entry).

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