How to create custom hatch patterns

In this Video-Tutorial we show you, how you can create and edit custom 2D hatch patterns.
Please note that some of the functions we are using in this Tutorial are only available in the product versions “cadvilla professional” & “cadvilla professional plus”.

The basic workflow:

• In the first step we create a grid as assistence for the entry of the hatch pattern.
Therefor we use 2D Guidelines (“2D & Layout” – “2D Guidelines”).
• To enter the hatch pattern we select “2D & Layout” – “Line” – “Between two points”.
• We enter the lines in the desired form and we take care that the hatch pattern is seamless tileable in the X and Y direction.
• After the entry we save our hatch pattern. Therefor we select it with the help of a selection box – press the right mouse button – “Save selected objects as 2D-Symbol”.
We save the pattern in the folder “Hatches” (Graphics 2D – 2D Pattern – Hatches).
Please note: Take care of the windows user account control settings.
• To use our hatch pattern for example on a wall, we select the wall – right mouse button – “Properties” – “Layer construction” – “Material” – “2D Display”. Here we select under the point “Fill style” the function “2D Fill Pattern” and afer it we click on the field “Path” under the point “2D Fill Pattern from 2D Symbol”. Here we select our hatch pattern and we press “OK”.
• To modify our hatch pattern, we can change in the 2D-Display menu the dimensions (width & high), the angle, the fill- and line colors and the line width. The point “use as hatching” should be activated.

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