How to define window properties


In this Video-Tutorial we show you how you can define the window properties for predefined window constructions in the 3D CAD house planning software cadvilla.

The basic workflow:

  • To select the predefined window constructions we choose “Building” – “Window” – “Window construction” – “Free positioning“. To edit the window properties we press the right mouse button in the 2D view and we select “Properties“.
  • The “Window construction” dialogue opens and at the point “Window” we can choose between a wide range of window templates (for example window curved, round window, triangled window, standard window, etc. …).

How to edit the window colour and the material for the window construction and how to assign it to a profile

  • We can define the material and the colour of the window at the point “Materials“. To create a new material we click on the point “New material“. After it we make a left mouse click on the new material, a dialogue window opens where we can enter a name for the material and finally we click on the point “3D-view“. Here we can define the texture or the colour and the diffuse portion, reflective portion and the intensity of the window. To confirm the entry we press after it “OK“.
  • To assign a defined material to a profile we click in the register on the point “Profiles“, we select at the point “Profile” the desired profile (frame profile, bar profile, sash profile) and after it we select at the point “Material, inner” or “Material, outer” the desired material. Here we can also edit the dimensions of the different profiles in the width and the depth.

How to enter window bars

  • To add window bars to a window, we select the preview window in the lower right area of the window constructions dialogue with a left mouse click. After it we make a right mouse click and we select “Edit bars“. After it the “Edit bars” window opens and we click on the field “New bar” and we can choose between “New bar, horizontal” and “New bar, vertical“. Now we select a position for the bar and we confirm with “OK“. Of course we can also edit the bar dimensions in the “Edit bars” window at the point “Default-Profile settings“. After we have defined the bars we can click on “OK“.

How to define the window dimensions

  • We can edit the window dimensions (width, height, Sill height) in the dialogue “Window construction” at the point “Opening dimensions“.

Alternative representation for the window, depth of the window in the wall, definition of the window sill, line type

  • At the point “Opening” we can edit the stop width and the depth of the window for the inner and outer stop. Also we can select or deselect a mitre joint for the window.
  • At the point “Top view” we can edit the display type (Standard, Wire frame, 2D-Symbol) of the top view. Also we can define and show or hide the height text.
  • At the point “Sections and Views” we can define the line type.
  • At the point “Window sill” we can edit the properties of the inner and outer window sill.

3D preview window for a defined window in the window dialogue

  • To display a window in the 3D-preview window we click at the section “General” at the 3D symbol in the right lower edge of the dialogue window. When we press and hold the left mouse button and move the mouse at the same time we can move the window in the preview window. To close the preview window we click again on the 3D symbol.
  • After the definition of all window properties we can click on “OK” to confirm the properties.

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