How to edit and define the floor properties


In this Video-Tutorial we show you how you can define the floor properties in new projects and how you can edit the floor properties in existing projects in the 3D CAD house planning software cadvilla.

The basic workflow:

How to define the floor properties in a new project:

  • In the first step we select the desired floor in the project viewer – right mouse button – “Properties“. After it the floor properties open.
  • The “Level” is the relative height of the edge of the corresponding floor. Usually the level for the ground floor is 0m, for the cellar -2,80m and for the first upper floor 2,80m.
  • The “rough height” is measured from the top edge of the ceiling to the lower edge of the floor.
  • The “clear height” is measured from the upper edge of the floor to the lower edge of the ceiling. The clear height consists out of the rough height minus the floor and the ceiling.
  • The settings for the “wall panelling” have no visible impacts on the planning. The wall panelling parameter is taken into account in the area calculation and the evaluation of the project. The default value can also be edited afterwards in the wall properties.
  • When all parameters are correct defined we can confirm with “OK“.

How to define the floor properties in an existing project:

  • We select like in the first example the desired floor – right mouse button – “Properties“. The floor properties open.
  • We define the desired parameters (for example the rough height, floor and the ceiling) and confirm after it with “OK“.
  • If there is an existing planning in the selected floor we can see that the rough height and the ceiling have changed, but not the height of the floor. The reason therefore: The floor height has not changed because the floor height could have already be defined in the current floor. The new defined floor height will be automatically accepted when we create a new room.
  • For more informations about changing the floor height manually you can take a look at the Video-Tutorial “Room Labelling“.

The zooming function used in this video works up to cadvilla V5 slightly different.
The adapted video (changings in zoom) you can find here.

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