How to enter and edit a title block

In this Video-Tutorial we show how you can enter and edit a title block in the 3D CAD house planning software cadvilla.

The basic workflow:

General information for creating a title block in cadvilla

  • Title blocks always have to be created in the same scale as the project for which the title block is created. For example: For a project in the scale of 1:100 we create also the title block in the same scale of 1:100. If the project is made in a scale of 1:50, we also create the title block in the scale of 1:50.
  • When you enter a text in the title block, we recommend to keep a little safe distance to the edge of the title block, because the size of the text can vary minimal in size when you print it.

Creating a title block

  • We open a new 2D-view.
  • Now we define the scale of the view, therefore we make a right mouse click – “Properties“. At the point “Scale” we select the correct scale and after it we confirm with “OK“.
  • To define the frame of the title block we use the help of guidelines (“2D & Layout” – “2D Guidelines“).
  • To enter the frame we select “2D & Layout” – “Line” – “Between two points“. We enter the lines along the guidelines to define the frame and the partitioning of the frame.
  • To add a text we select “2D & Layout” – “Text” – “Labelling“. We select the area in which we want to create the text and after it the text properties open automatically. Here we can define the text style, colour and all the other text properties. Of course here we can also enter the text. At the Autotext drop down menu in the text properties we can select for example the current date or the scale to insert it automatically in text. After it we confirm with “OK“.
  • To position the text we select it and after it we click for example at the function “Move“. When we press the right mouse button we can select the “Constructional support“, with the help of the constructional support we can position the text for example centred. Also we can move the text with the function “Move with reference point” or the shortcut “r“.
  • For a more precise positioning we can use of course also in this case the help of guidelines (“2D & Layout” – “2D Guidelines“).
  • To add a picture to the title block we select “2D & Layout” – “Insert bitmap” – “Rectangle“. We select a picture – we confirm with “OK“, and we enter the picture with the help of the rectangle. To adjust the scaling of the picture we select the picture – right mouse button – “Adjust scaling“.

How to save the title block as 2D-Symbol

  • After the title block is finished defined we can save it as a 2D-Symbol to add the title block in a later step to a project.
  • Therefore we select the title block – right mouse button – “Save selected objects as 2D-Symbol“. We select a directory for the title block, we enter a name for the title block and after it we press “OK“.
  • The title block is now saved as a 2D-Symbol and you can insert it as a 2D-Symbol into a project.
  • If you don’t save the title block like in our example in your documents, if you save it directly in the cadvilla folder under Graphics 2D, you have to take care about the windows user account control (LINK). If the account control is activated it is possible that your object gets saved to a temporary folder, not to the folder you have select for it.

How to insert a title block into a project

  • We press the right mouse button in the project in which we want to insert the title block. We select “Properties” and we control the scale of the project. If the scale is not correct we change it to the correct scale.
  • Now we select “Catalogue” – “2D Symbols” – “Open file“. We select the title block and we place it with a left mouse click in the 2D-view.
  • If we would like to edit the text of the title block, we select the title block – right mouse button – “2D-Symbols Separate to base objects“. Now we can open and edit every text with a double left mouse click.
  • To print the project with the title block we open the “Menu” and we select “Print 2D view“. The “Page Setup” opens, here we can define the size and the orientation, after it we press “OK“. The preview window opens and now we can print the project.

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