How to print & edit the print settings

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In this Video-Tutorial we show you how you can print a project and how you can edit the print settings.

The basic workflow:

  • To select a printer we open the menu and we select “Printer settings”. Under the point “Printer” we can select a printer.
  • To print our project we open the menu and we select the point “Print 2D view”.
    The “Page Setup” appears and here we can choose the “Size” and the “Orientation” for our print. After it we press OK.
  • If a frame appears (the frame has the size of the paper size we have selected for the print) the project does not fit in the current scale on the paper format we have selected. We can choose now between the following options:
    • We use the frame to create details of the project in the correct scale and after it we put them together.
    • We press “ESC”. Now the complete project gets displayed on the paperformat, but scaled down to the size of the paperformat.
    • We adjust the scaling of the project with a right mouse click on the background – “Properties” under the point “Scale”. Please take care that all your texts in the project are correct defined. At the point “Font Size” the function “Link to scale” should be activated, otherwise the size of your texts stays the same and if you print a project in a smaller scale they may overlap.
    • We select a larger paper format at the point “Size” for our project. If the project fits on the selected size, the preview window appears. We click on “OK” to print the project.

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