How to use Extrude Solids to define the terrain

In this Video-Tutorial we show you, how you can use extrude solids to define the terrain. Please note that some of the functions we are using in this Tutorial are only available in the product versions “cadvilla professional” & “cadvilla professional plus”.

The basic workflow:

  • We start with the definition of an extrude solid. We select “Construction” – “Extrude solid” – “Insert with polygon”. After it we select a surface in 3D for plane definition. Therefore we make a left mouse click into our environment – right mouse click – “Properties”. In the “3D-Constructions” Properties we select the point “Extrude solid”. Under the point “Parameter” we enter a height (depending on the highest point of our terrain). After it we press “OK”.
  • We enter the polygon on the outside of our external walls, after it we press the right mouse button and select “Complete”.
  • Now we convert the extrude solid into a substraction solid. Therefore we select the extrude solid – right mouse click – “Convert to substraction solid”. After it we press “ESC”.
  • In the next step we will define the intersections of the substraction solid. We select the substraction solid – right mouse click – “Properties”. Under the point “Intersection” we open the point “Select object”. We select the points “on selected layers” and “Environment” and deselect the point “Floor plan”. We close this Window and we open the field “Select type”. Only the point “Terrain” stays selected and after it we close also this window. Now we open the window “Select object” and we choose the points “on selected layers” and “Environment”. We deselect the point “Floor plan” and we close the window. Finally we open the point “Select type”, open the register “3D-Objects”, deselect the point “3D-Constructions” and close the window. After it we press “OK”.
  • We change the visibility of the 3D view. Therefore we make a right mouse click on the background – “Visibilities”. Here we open the register “3D-Objects” and we deselect the point “3D Substraction solids”. After it we press “OK”.
  • Now the substraction solid doesn’t get displayed in the 3D view.
  • If you would like to move the substraction solid you can use a section view. Therefore we select “View” – “New Section-View”. Now we select an area for the section view and after that the section view appears. We select the substraction solid and move it with the function “move with reference point” (Shortcut “R”). After it we press “ESC”.

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