Interior – Using 2D symbols – create your own 2D symbols


In this Video-Tutorial we show you, how you can enter, edit and create 2D interior objects.

The basic workflow:

  • To enter 2D objects from the catalogue we select “Catalogue” – “2D Symbols”. Here we find a large selection of predefined objects for our project.
  • To import a 2D object to our project we select it – press and hold the left mouse button – and drag the 2D object into our 2D view. When we move now our cursor in the 2D view we can move the object. With the middle mouse button (mouse wheel) we can change the angle. Also the tool options window appears, in the tool options window we can define the angle and the position of the 2D object. If the tool options window does not get displayed we can select it with the shortcut “w”. To change the reference point of the 2D object we press the key combination “CTRL+W”.
  • To move a room labelling we select it and choose the function “move with reference point” (Shortcut “r”).
  • To place several objects quick in the middle of a room we select the objects with a selection box and select the function “move with reference point” (Shortcut “r”). We select a reference point – press the right mouse button – “Constructional support” – “Centre point”. With the help of a start and a end point we can choose the distance for the centre point and after it we press “ESC”.
  • To change the dimensions of a 2D object we select the object – right mouse button – “Properties”. The 2D symbol settings open and under the point “Dimensions” we can edit the width and the height. When the point “Maintain aspect ratio” is selected the proportions of our object stay the same when we edit the dimensions.
  • If you would like to design your own 2D object we recommend the help of guidelines (“2D & Layout” – “2D Guidelines” – “Guideline”).
  • You can create a 2D object with a rectangle or a polygon (“2D & Layout” – “Rectangle/Polygon”). To change for example the filling of a rectangle we select it – press the right mouse button – “Properties” – “Filling”. In the fill properties we can edit the fill style, the color and the pattern.
  • To add more details to the 2D object we can use the function “Line” under “2D & Layout” – “Line” – “Between two points”.
  • To save your object as a 2D symbol we select it with a selection box – right mouse button – “Save selected objects as 2D-Symbol”. The explorer appears and we save you 2D symbol for example at the folder “Graphics 2D” ( (Windows)C:\User\User\Documents\cadvilla professional plus 5\Graphics 2D). Please mind the windows user account-control.
  • To import the 2D symbol into a project we select the “Catalogue” – “Open file”. We select our object and insert it into our project.

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