Modify the heading / title block in our lists and adding your own company logo

This video shows how you change the standard font of our lists and how you insert your own logo (in our example based on the list for living space calculation). The same procedure applies to all other report templates (DIN277, window position list, list of facade surfaces, list of wall surfaces, …). Also shown how… … »»»

Gable roof with roof recurrence

In the following video we will show you the easiest way to create a gable roof with a recurring roof. The procedure shown can also be used for other special roof shapes – for example a hipped roof with a recurring roof. 

Electrical planning – drawing of electrical plans

This video shows how-to create a complete electrical planning with cadvilla. In our example, electrical planning means positioning and labelling of various switches, lights and sockets. Of course, other 2D electrical symbols can also be positioned in the same way when creating an electrical plan. The first part of the video we use a floor… … »»»

Drawing a simple garage with a flat roof / lean-to roof / sloping roof

The following video shows how-to use cadvilla architectural software to design a simple garage with a flat roof, lean-to or sloping roof. The example garage also contains a window and ventilation. The following steps are shown when creating the garage Create a grid for your floor plan with 2D guidelines Draw the exterior walls of… … »»»

Drawing a Fire Escape Plan on your own

cadvilla lets you quickly create a Fire Escape Plan with an additional module, which is already included in cadvilla professional plus and available as add-on for other versions in our product range. The following video shows how to create a Fire Escape plan based on your existing cadvilla project. The video demonstrates the usage of… … »»»

How to use the 3D Object Converter

We use the 3D Converter to convert 3D-objects from other programs into our own 3D format and to save them in the catalogue for 3D-objects. From there we can use them without restrictions in our projects. During the conversion we have many editing options (calculating texture-coordinates, editing materials, creating light sources, etc …). In this… … »»»