In this Video-Tutorial we show you how to visualize the area calculation and how you can print a list with all room areas in the 3D CAD house planning software cadvilla. Please note that some of the functions in this Video-Tutorial are only available in the product versions cadvilla professional & cadvilla professional plus.

The basic workflow:

How to visualize the area calculation in the 2D & 3D view:

  • To change the room labelling of a room, to show for example the floor area in the room labelling, we select the room – right mouse button – “Properties“. At the point “Labelling” we can choose out of different texts which we can display with their square meters in the room labelling in the 2D-view when we select them. At the point “Prefix” we can add a description for each text position. After it we press “OK“.
  • To visualize the area calculation we select on the lower left edge the point “Area calculation“. After it we select at the point “Range” the desired floor. At the point “Selection” we can select or deselect different visualizations of the area calculation (for example floor area, living area, net floor areas, net floor area summary, etc. …). If we select one of those visualizations it will get displayed with the associated area calculation in the 2D and 3D view. Of course you can also print the visualization an add it for example to the living space calculation (For more information take a look at How to print 2D views / How to print 3D views) .
  • At “Details” we can see the exact floor area calculation of the selected visualization type for each room in the selected area.
  • At “Settings” we can define the “Area sectioning“, the “Text” and the “Volume dissection“.

How to print the living space calculation and the volume calculation:

  • To print the living space calculation or the volume calculation we select the “Menu” – “Export” – “Reports” – “Bill of quantities“. Now we can select between the living space calculation (room area calculation type 1) and the volume calculation (room area calculation type 2).
  • After we have selected the desired calculation the “Properties” open. Here we can edit for example the template (add a company logo, etc. …) or we edit the selection. After it we press “OK“.
  • The save dialogue opens and we select a directory. After it we enter a name for the file, we choose a format for it (PDF, XLS, RTF, HTML) and click on “OK“.
  • The living space calculation or the volume calculation opens automatically and we can take a look at it and print it.

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