Room Labeling (How to display the floor area, label the rooms & transfer the room properties)


In this Video-Tutorial we show how you can create and define room labelling in the 3D CAD house planning software cadvilla.

Please wait with changing the room labelling and the floor thickness until ALL walls in your project are correct positioned and will not be moved anymore.

The basic workflow:

  • To get into the room properties we select the desired room – right mouse button – “Properties“. Alternative we can also select the room and we make a double left mouse click at the room to open the room properties.
  • In the room properties at the point “General” we can enter and edit a name for the room.
  • At “Labelling” we can select and deselect different texts for the room. At the column “Prefix” we can add a text. For example we select the text “Floor area” and we enter for the prefix for example “Area =”. Now at the room labelling the text “Area = XXm²” gets displayed.
  • At “Floor” – “General” we can edit the dimension of the room and the 2D display. If we click at “Plank light” – “2D Display” we can select a fill style for the room.

    Please note: The fill styles monochrome, pattern & color bleeding are available in all cadvilla versions. The fillstyles texture & 2D pattern are only available in the product versions cadvilla professional & cadvilla professional plus.

    At the point Dimensions we can edit the width and the angle of a texture or a 2D Fill Pattern. After it we confirm with “OK“. After we have chosen a fill style for the room (for example a texture or a colour) we select the point “Display filled in top views” at “Floor” – “General” to display the filling in the 2D-view.

  • At “Layer construction” we can define the layer construction of the floor. The single layers can be selected with a left mouse click, after it we can edit the thickness, description and the material of the layer. If we change the thickness of the floor, the floor level automatically changes upwards or downwards.
  • At “Room labelling” – “General” we can select or deselect the functions “automatic positioning” and “automatic text“.
  • At “Input text” we can define the text and the text properties. To edit the text properties we click on “Text“. Here we can define the font style, the colour and many other parameters. At “Font size” we can select the function “Link to scale“. Now the font size will change when we change the scale of the project. If the scale of the print is in the current view for example 1:50 and we enter for example a font size of 0,175m, the text will be printed in a size of 3,5mm. If you change the scale, the font size will also change.
  • After we have defined all properties we can confirm the room properties with “OK“.

How to transfer the room properties to other rooms

  • To transfer the properties of a room to another room, we select the room – right mouse button – “Transfer properties“.
    We deselect the points “General“, “Arithmetic“, “Text” and “Angle” (at “Room labelling” / “Text properties“), after it we click on “Next“. Now we select “Manual target selection” and “by target selection“. We select the rooms on which we want to transfer the properties and after it we press “ENTER“. Finally we can press “Finish“.

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