Separating a group of a garage and editing elements

In this video tutorial we will show you how to dissolve a group with a garage and how to change it afterwards. Please note that groups are only available from cadvilla 9 onwards.

The following points are shown in this video:

  • Defining the desired position for the garage using guide-lines
  • Inserting a garage from the garages catalog (in the groups area) into the project
  • Moving the garage using the “Move with reference point” function
  • Dissolving the group
  • Modifying the garage
    • Delete a wall and extend the adjacent walls (via the short key V) to the outside wall of the house
    • Changing the size and position of the garage door (place in the middle of a wall)
    • Moving and repositioning doors in the garage project
    • Changing the height and the opening side of the door
    • Changing the dimensions of the window in the garage
    • Changing the roof contained in the garage from a gable roof to a monopitch/flat roof
    • Removing elements that are no longer required
    • Transfering of existing textures of the house to the garage (wall and roof texture)

This post is also available in: German