How to define and how to change the predefined units


In this Video-Tutorial we show you how you can define the general settings in cadvilla. In the general settings you have the possibility to define for all unit types (for example length, area or volume), the units for the entry (for example meters, centimetre, millimetre, inch, feet). When you change a unit, all the units in the numerical input fields of the dialogues will be switched to the new unit.
For example if you change the unit for the length entry from meters to centimetres, you will have to enter the unit in all dialogues in centimetres.

The basic workflow:

  • We can define the standard units and settings for cadvilla at the “Menu” – “Settings” – “General“. In the general settings at the point “Units” you can define the standard units for all dialogue input fields.
  • For example if we would like to change the length to the unit feet we open the field “Length” and we change the unit to “Feet“. Under the point “Imperial system” we have the possibility to use the functions “Use fractional measurement” and “Combine feet/inch“. If we use the metric system all settings for the imperial system should be deactivated.
  • To save the settings we can use the function “Save as default” which saves our settings in the userconfig.xml file. Now all defined settings stay the same, also when we restart the software. After it we press “OK“.
  • You can find the userconfig.xml in the cadvilla directory under “Documents“.

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