With some graphic cards you may get streaks in the 2D-view (marked with a black arrow in the picture) when you move the view vertical (for example with the mouse wheel).

The reason therefore:

A part of the 2D-view is positioned outside of the cadvilla window. Thereby streaks appear in the lower part of the 2D-view when you scroll the view vertical.


How to solve this problem:

Position the 2D-view windows inside of the cadvilla window.


You can

  • move the 2D-view window to a position inside of the cadvilla window.
  • click on one of the icons which are tagged by a red arrow. Thereby the views get placed side by side horizontal or vertical.
  • click on the icon which is tagged by a yellow arrow to maximize the 2D-view, after you are finished in the 2D-view you can minimize the window again.


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