How to trim, extend, shorten and move walls

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To trim walls means in cadvilla to fuse the axis of a wall to the axis of another wall. Thereby we extend or shorten the first selected wall to the axis of the second selected wall.

In this Video-Tutorial we show you how you can edit walls with the functions “Trim walls”, “Extend walls” and “Move walls”. The function “Extend walls” can also be used to shorten walls.

The basic workflow:

  • To extend a wall we select the point “Edit” – “Edit wall” – “Extend wall” or we select the function with the shortcut “v“. After it, we select the wall. A green arrow shows us the direction in which we extend the wall.

Note: The lengthening / shortening of the selected wall takes place up to a freely chosen point in the specified direction. This point can be on a wall edge or wall axis, but also on a constructed helpline or any other entered element. Freely constructed help-points and grid points are of course also supported as snap points.

Our video shows how to extend one wall to another wall. When we extend a wall to another wall, we move the wall, which we want to extend, to the middle wall axis of the target wall. After it, we press “ESC”.

Note: Up to cadvilla release 7.x the function “extend walls” works as follows: When we extend walls, the reference points of windows and doors, which are placed in the wall, get displaced (as shown in the video). To avoid these problems we recommend in this situation to use the function “Trim wall”. From version 8.x, the positions of the windows and doors within the walls are always retained when using the extend or shorten function.

  • To trim a wall we select “Edit” – “Edit wall” – “Trim wall” or we use the shortcut “b“. After it, we can trim the axis of the selected wall with the axis of the target wall. To end the function we press “ESC”.
  • Please avoid walls made out of different wall segments with the same wall thickness. One of the reasons therefore: When we place 3D-objects (for example doors and windows) in a wall the wall segment hast to be longer than the width of the 3D-object. Out of this reason we delete those wall segments and trim the remaining wall.
  • Of course, you can use the help of guidelines when you extend and trim walls (“2D & Layout” – “2D Guidelines” – “Guideline”).
  • To move a wall, we select the wall, and we choose in the menu “Selection” the function “Move with reference point” or we press the shortcut “r“.

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