User interface of the support area of cadvilla

In the upper section you will find the buttons for

  • cadvilla manuals and manuals for the individual modules
  • Important shortcuts and mouse-combinations of cadvilla
  • Information for an online support (remote maintenance)
  • Contact to cadvilla support via a form for a support request

sucheBy clicking on the glass on the right you can enter a search term to the support posts
enter support contributions – for example, extend wall

By clicking on ” Remote Support “and subsequently performing the software for remote maintenance (Online Support) is started.

For more information on the Remote Maintenance clicking in the upper range on online support

Switch between the menu display toolbars <-> Ribbons

From verison there are 2 different menu representationsRibbons and Toolbars

How do they switch between the interfaces, and the changes that result from use of the ribbon surface can be found here .

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