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Will you move into a new apartment or a new house soon? This often leads to the question of how to best plan the new rooms or the new room.

A 3D room planner helps you with difficult decisions such as: “Where should we place the antique table?”, “Does the newly bought sofa fit in the living room?” or “Will the old cupboard not block the view to the balcony door?”

The 3D room planner helps you while finding the best solutions for these kinds of questions.

However, before you use the room planner, you should consider the following points.

Floor planning by means of the room planner wizard

3D Zimmerplaner - Grundrissform festlegen

First of all you should write down precisely the room dimensions (future project data).

Afterwards select the room shape using the room planning wizard (rectangle shape, L-shape 1 and 2, U-shape, porch) or put the room outlines in freely.

Now all the wall lengths, wall thicknesses and floor-to-floor height are set. If your room has a room slope, it can also clearly be defined.

Additional information about the room planning wizard

Defining doors and windows using the 3D room planner

Measure off the doors, windows and possible unevennesses of the room and include these project data in the room planning.

Now you can start with the creative work using the room planner.

Furnishing and texturing – the creative part of planning a room

The room planner software includes a wide range of standard furniture, furniture from well-known brand manufacturers, everyday furnishings, lamps, lights and decorative objects.

Furnishing the rooms and spaces

Interior libraryThe room planner software includes a wide range of standard furniture, furniture of various brand manufacturers, everyday’s fitments, lamps, light decoration and other decoration objects.

Aside from the standard library there is an extensive collection of objects from different areas such as humans, plants– or auto collection.

After opening the object catalog you can select the 3D furniture and just pull them in the 2D or 3D view. If necessary you can also flip the furniture and position them correctly.

Every piece of furniture can also be scaled and distorted to their required size, and can also be moved later. Regarding lightning elements, the color and the intensity of the light can also be defined.

Texturing the room

Kitchen with wooden fronts

In order to design the furniture in a more realistic and appealing way the room planner software includes a comprehensive collection of textures.

This means that fitments and walls can be provided with various colors and text patterns. The textures are pulled on the piece of furniture or for instance the wall the same way like the 3D objects using the mouse and can now be displayed in various patterns and colors.

Viewing a room from different perspectives

After the room is furnished and textured completely you can view the room in 2D or 3D. Change the perspectives (top view, side view, bird’s eye perspective, frog’s eye perspective.

Saving and printing the planning

When you are content with the results you can save your draft. You can of course modify your planning, add and remove objects anytime.

You can find additional articles helping you plan your house in our guidelines for house builders.

cadvilla for use as 3D room planner software

cadvilla is a professional 3D room planner software and the ideal support for planning and visualizing the design of your room or living space.

Traumhaus 2Hausplan 1

This room planner provides easy and quick handling and a fair price/performance ratio. The 3D room planner by cadvilla is available to be downloaded or as a DVD version.

Compatible with Windows 7 / 10 / 11

Sample pictures

Shown below are a few examples which were created with the cadvilla architecture software.

To enlarge one the following images simply click on it. To close the window which is then opened, simply click on close window or press the ESC-key.

Kitchen SampleKitchen SampleKitchen SampleKitchen SampleKitchen SampleLiving room furnitureLiving room furnituredining areadining areainteriorinteriorinteriorinteriorinteriorbathroomLiving roomLiving roomLiving roomLiving roomLiving exampleLiving exampleLiving exampleOffice Facility 1Office Facility 2Office Facility 3

Customer projects:

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