Practical – examples

Electrical planning – drawing of electrical plans

This video shows how-to create a complete electrical planning with cadvilla. In our example, electrical planning means positioning and labelling of various switches, lights and sockets. Of course, other 2D electrical symbols can also be positioned in the same way when creating an electrical plan. The first part of the video we use a floor… … »»»

Drawing a simple garage with a flat roof / lean-to roof / sloping roof

The following video shows how-to use cadvilla architectural software to design a simple garage with a flat roof, lean-to or sloping roof. The example garage also contains a window and ventilation. The following steps are shown when creating the garage Create a grid for your floor plan with 2D guidelines Draw the exterior walls of… … »»»

Drawing a Fire Escape Plan on your own

cadvilla lets you quickly create a Fire Escape Plan with an additional module, which is already included in cadvilla professional plus and available as add-on for other versions in our product range. The following video shows how to create a Fire Escape plan based on your existing cadvilla project. The video demonstrates the usage of… … »»»

Separating a group of a garage and editing elements

In this video tutorial we will show you how to dissolve a group with a garage and how to change it afterwards. Please note that groups are only available from cadvilla 9 onwards. The following points are shown in this video: Defining the desired position for the garage using guide-lines Inserting a garage from the… … »»»

Separating a group and editing elements with a kitchen example

In this video tutorial we use a kitchen as an example to demonstrate how you insert, separate and edit a group. The following steps are shown in this video: • Insert a kitchen from the kitchen catalog (in our new group category) into your project • Separate the kitchen group into individual kitchen elements used… … »»»

Create a carport with a pitched roof

In this Video-Tutorial we show you, how can create a carport (pitched roof), in the 3D planning software cadvilla. Please note that carports with a pitched roof are only possible in the product version cadvilla basic plus or the professional versions (section views are not available in cadvilla basic). In cadvilla basic you can only… … »»»