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Innovative 3D CAD planning software for creating your floor plans

For professional 2D plans and photorealistic 3D visualizations

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Cadvilla – the 3D architecture software for drawing & designing your floor plans at professional level

Architecture software for drawing and visualizing floor plansBecome your own architect and design your house, apartment, property and adjacent buildings as well as garages and carports on your own. The innovative 3D program from Cadvilla offers you a limitless variety of possibilities without any special previous knowledge and CAD experience. Drawing the floor plans, the interior walls and roof solutions as well as the furnishings and individual room planning is a walk in the park and highly intuitive.

With Cadvilla, you can plan and implement even complex projects with style. At the same time, you benefit from the advantages of using state-of-the-art 3D engines in combination with future-oriented 32/64-bit software programming. You draw the floor plans primarily in 2D while the three-dimensional photorealistic 3D model is automatically created in the background in real time.

The 3D House Planner combines highest usability with professional functions and the advantage of high-quality 3D visualization. Walk through your designed rooms or whole houses in a 3D presentation and get a first realistic impression of the ambiance of your new home.

The latest version of cadvilla is version This version is available since 20 March 2023. All stated prices apply for the latest version of cadvilla.

Professional and affordable 3D CAD software for everyone

Since the launch of cadvilla in 2009, our focus has been on developing professional architecture software for demanding customers that is easy, intuitive to use and affordable for everyone.

The main features of the program include e.g.:

2D floor plans and 3D visualizations

Create complete 2D floor plans and 3D visualizations of your home with all the associated plan outputs. Whether it is a new building, conversion or renovation, cadvilla has the right tools for you.

Runs under Windows 32 bit and 64 bit

cadvilla can be used on all Microsoft Windows systems (Windows 7 / 10 / 11). With a 64-bit operating system, the program runs in full 64-bit mode.

Multilingualism in over 10 languages

The 3D house planner software cadvilla can be displayed in 10 other languages in addition to English by simply switching in the settings. This increases the flexibility in case of foreign employees.

Modern user interface

The attractively designed multifunction toolbar, which are divided into categories and display a function text in addition to the icons, enable you to work quickly, easily and intuitively. If you prefer the toolbars that were common in the past, you can of course switch to this presentation.

Fast learning of the software

The user interface with clearly arranged multifunction toolbars and sophisticated dialogs when using design elements enable intuitive operation and quick learning of the 3D architecture software. Previous CAD knowledge is an advantage but not required.

Extensive free support

In our support area, you will find more than 300 detailed training videos on various topics. Open questions will be solved by our competent support team quickly and in an uncomplicated manner.

Over 20 years of experience in architecture software

We know which features a high-quality CAD software needs to provide for professional planning of houses, apartments and other properties. No matter if you are looking for a simple room planner program, an apartment planner software or a 3D software for house planning, our well-engineered and – for many years – successfully sold architecture program cadvilla combines the “Know How” from more than 20 years in one big complete package!

Draw your floor plan according to German norms and standards

Drawing the floor plan of a house

Requiring architecture or graphics studies. From the floor plan according to German standards to the integration of windows and doors, stair elements and connections, step by step, you work your way towards furnishing and detailing of your house planning. Lay the desired floor in CAD by texturing the desired surfaces, set up virtually and use the integrated furnishing libraries.

You can change individual steps at any time, display the 2D and 3D presentation of the project in several parallel views on the screen, save content and share it with your friends and involved professionals. With our innovative 3D house planner, you save a lot of money and need an architect only for the examination of the statics and for the control/final acceptance of your drafts. Cadvilla is perfectly suited for planning a new building or a conversion, for a renovation of existing properties and for a redesign/new furnishing of your houses and apartments.

Extensive functions for planning your project

Cadvilla’s architecture software includes many outstanding functions that support you in the intuitive creation of professional floor plans. Below, we would like to introduce you to some of the features that are particularly appreciated by our customers. Get inspired!


Entering components

Intuitive entry of components

Walls, ceilings, stairs, windows, doors and many other elements are defined and entered with dimensional accuracy via intuitive dialogs. Each element has different configuration options to cover the versatile variants.

Presenting different views simultaneously

Parallel working in multiple views

Several 2D and 3D views can be displayed simultaneously on the screen. If an element is entered in any view, it is displayed in real time in all other open views (e.g. the entry of a window in the 2D top view)

Multi-layered walls

Wall construction and multi-layered walls

The wall construction of the used walls can be changed and supplemented as required. The individual wall layers of multi-layered walls can be displayed with different hatches and patterns or filled with color.


Working with layers/foil technique

A layer is a foil which is assigned to 2D and 3D elements (e.g. from the areas of interior design or electrical planning). By showing or hiding individual layers, different plan views can be created for different applications, for example.

Roof planning

Extensive roof functions incl. wood construction

After defining the roof outline, the roof and the roof truss are automatically proposed. If the proposal is changed individually, all affected roof sides, including the wood construction, are automatically recalculated.

Planning solar system

Detailed planning of the photovoltaic system on the roof

After selecting the desired photovoltaic modules and defining the associated parameters, the PV modules including mounting material can be positioned on the roof. In an evaluation dialog, you can then calculate the estimated yield and create a parts list for it.

Wood frame construction

Walls in wooden frame construction

Already during the input of the ground plan, walls can be presented optionally in wood stand construction method. The timber frame construction is automatically generated for each wall according to set parameters. It is also possible to change an existing project to a wood frame construction later. This option for creating a timber frame construction is only included in cadvilla professional plus.

Modeling your own 3D objects

Modeling your own 3D objects

Starting with cadvilla professional, powerful 3D designs are available for modeling your own 3D objects. With these, rotational bodies, planar elements or shapes following a polyline can quickly and easily be captured. By combining several of these elements, impressive 3D objects can be created to present your project in even more detail.

Visualization of a house

Photorealistic 3D visualization with ambient shadows

For the final calculation of 3D visualizations, settings for edge smoothing, soft shadows, ambient shadows, reflective and luminous areas and others are included to achieve appealing and photorealistic results. High-resolution images are generated through direct conversion into an image file.

Other functions and highlights of the individual versions

The basic functions of cadvilla are the same in all versions. You will be surprised how much software you can get for relatively little money.

The versions of cadvilla are based on each other. Here, you will find an overview of the features of all individual versions in a tabular presentation.

The prices of cadvilla are low while the offered scope of performance is high. See for yourself. You will be enthusiastic about all the amazing possibilities.

Cadvilla can be used for many applications

Cadvilla’s strengths lie in the creation of sophisticated 2D floor plans (e.g. for a building application), in the calculation of photorealistic images directly from the 3D visualization and in a real-time walk through the 3D presentation of the project. No matter whether it is a new building, conversion or renovation – cadvilla can therefore be used in many ways and for various application areas.

Plan layout

Creating floor plans and drawings for your building application

Draw complete floor plans of your house or apartment exactly according to your ideas and without any restrictions. Use the extensive functions of cadvilla to create your floor plan with all details and prepare the plans for your building application. All functions required to comply with German standards are included in the program.

Positioning 3D models from the Internet

Visualizing the project in 3D and walk through it in real time

While you create the 2D floor plan, the corresponding 3D model is automatically created at the same time. The 3D visualization shows you a photorealistic 3D view of your floor plan with planned furnishing and gives you a first virtual insight into your new home. By walking through it on your computer, you get a feel for the planned room situation and, at the same time, you can recognize planning errors immediately.

Drawing blueprints

Creating detailed construction plans and 2D drawings

In addition to the pure floor plan functions, our 3D CAD program allows you to easily draw professional construction plans and at the same time take all important DIN standards into account. The intuitive 2D drawing functions help you create meaningful detail drawings with ease. All functions for drawing your details support different colors, line widths, fill patterns and line types.

Electrical plan

Software for electrical planning, water and sanitary planning

After creating the 2D floor plan, use the 2D symbol libraries with electrical, water and sanitary symbols contained in cadvilla to draw a suitable electrical plan, water flow plan or sanitary plan. The library can be extended by your own 2D symbols using the extensive 2D drawing functions.

Kitchen planning

Software for 3D kitchen planning

After having captured the floor plan, you can add the kitchen with kitchen furniture of your choice. Use furniture from the included kitchen catalog or from one of the additional 3D kitchen collections we offer. Starting with cadvilla professional, you have the possibility to import real kitchen furniture from well-known manufacturers directly from the internet and then place it directly in your 3D kitchen planner software.

3D bathroom planning/software

Program for bathroom planning in 3D

After entering the floor plan, design your bathroom according to your ideas using the 2D and 3D bathroom furniture contained in cadvilla and texture the walls with tile patterns. The 3D furniture can be modified in any size and color. Import cadvilla professional 3D furniture from well-known manufacturers directly from the Internet and use it in your 3D bathroom planning.

3D garden planning

Garden planning in 3D

Model the terrain using contour points, contour lines and predefined terrain shapes according to your preferences. Draw your garden house and garden with the included garden libraries of garden furniture, plants, people, animals and trees. Simply drag the 3D models from the object catalog directly into the 2D/3D presentation of your project and position them at the desired position. The drawing of a carport can easily and quickly be achieved thanks to the innovative operating concept.

Living room rendered

Program for 3D furniture planning

After finished creating the floor plan, you can start planning the furnishing. Cadvilla offers you many 3D models from a wide variety of areas. If these are not sufficient, you can purchase additional 3D object collections and integrate them into cadvilla. Starting with house planning software cadvilla professional, it is also possible to download 3D objects directly from the Internet and integrate them into your planning.

Create Fire Escape Plans

Create an escape and rescue plan

Create plans for escape and rescue routes with your own additional module. Use it to easily draw your own professional escape plan, rescue plan or even a fire brigade plan according to DIN. In addition to an extensive symbol catalog, extended drawing functions such as the creation of direction arrows, coloring of walls or the automatic creation of legends are available. This additional module is already included in cadvilla professional plus, otherwise, you can purchase it optionally from our shop.

CAD software for architecture in general

draw floor plansToday the use of modern CAD software in the area of house planning is a matter of course and therefore essential.

But what does the word CAD software actually mean?

The term CAD software literally means “computer aided design”. This means that it is a special program to create building plans and construction plans.

The CAD software is particularly popular among architects, house builders and private people who enjoy doing home improvement. They all use CAD software to create and design building plans in a quick and easy way. With the help of the right CAD software, anyone can quickly become the house builder of their own dream living space.

Modern CAD software for architectural purposes is fast and easy to use. It supports each step in the planning process by means of a project wizard, allows various perspectives such as 3D view or 2D top view, includes many tools such as wall and ceiling types or window and door types, provides different furnishing objects and ensures the opportunity to export planning files for other CAD programs. Professional CAD software also focuses on the demands of its clients and therefore offers for example tutorials in the form of training videos for new CAD users.

User Interface from the CAD Software cadvilla

In addition to all important basic functions, a professional CAD program also includes many other practical functions specific to the industry in order to achieve your goal in just a few steps. The use of professional CAD software does not imply any limitations and can be used at maximum performance.

The catalog of requirements for modern CAD software is comprehensive.  However, modern and professional CAD software for architecture includes all necessary basic functions and also provides many other functions.

Professional 3D CAD software programs often include even next to a special
home-planner own 3D room planner or easy to use room planner modules for quick planning.

The architecture program cadvilla meets all the requirements of professional CAD software and provides information through various guide books and support channels. cadvilla is a modern and professional CAD software with a decent price/performance ratio. Cadvilla supports you in an efficient and fast way of fulfilling your dream of owning your house or home.