Recommended settings for NVIDIA graphic cards used with cadvilla

If you have issues in 3D views using a NVIDIA graphic card in combination with cadvilla, it is very likely that either an outdated NVIDIA graphic card driver or the settings below are responsible. If you have a NVIDIA graphic card, the NVIDIA driver dpreferences for individual programs are adjusted in your NVIDIA Control Panel.… … »»»

Activation Tutorial – How to activate cadvilla professional & cadvilla professional plus

The cadvilla version (cadvilla professional or cadvilla professional plus) you have purchased has to be licensed on the respective system you have installed it. You can recognize that on the start dialog which shows you the remaining test phase. After the installation, the software package and all optional installed plug ins are 5 days executable.… … »»»

Streaks in the 2D-view (top view, section view)

With some graphic cards you may get streaks in the 2D-view (marked with a black arrow in the picture) when you move the view vertical (for example with the mouse wheel). The reason therefore: A part of the 2D-view is positioned outside of the cadvilla window. Thereby streaks appear in the lower part of the… … »»»

How to print and to save 3D-pictures and 3D-views

To print 3D-pictures, 3D-views, sketchviews and wire frame models you have to calculate and save the picture in the correct resolution. To save a picture we use the function “Save view as picture“. The higher the resolution the better/sharper the picture. The minimum resolution for good prints is about 150dpi, very good are 330dpi. After… … »»»

How to define the snap settings

In this Video-Tutorial we show you how you can define and how you can edit the snap settings. There are two different methods how we can get into the general settings for snapping objects: For the first method we open the menu – “Settings” – “General” – “Snap“. The second method is the button “Snap… … »»»

How to recognize and correct leaning walls

In this Video-Tutorial we show you can recognize and correct leaning walls in the 3D CAD house planning software cadvilla. The basic workflow: How to recognize leaning walls: You can recognize leaning walls when you take a close look at a wall in the 2D-view and you detect stepped lines. These lines should be 100%… … »»»