How to print & edit the print settings

In this Video-Tutorial we show you how you can print a project and how you can edit the print settings. The basic workflow: To select a printer we open the menu and we select “Printer settings”. Under the point “Printer” we can select a printer. To print our project we open the menu and we… … »»»

How to print and to save 3D-pictures and 3D-views

To print 3D-pictures, 3D-views, sketchviews and wire frame models you have to calculate and save the picture in the correct resolution. To save a picture we use the function “Save view as picture“. The higher the resolution the better/sharper the picture. The minimum resolution for good prints is about 150dpi, very good are 330dpi. After… … »»»

How to enter and edit Dimensions

To display dimensions in 2D we have a number of different display options and additional properties, like for example decimal places and DIN standard representations. Furthermore dimensions use also standardly their own units. So it is possible that you work in the planning phase of your project in meters, but you enter the dimensioning in… … »»»


Guidelines are often used as orientation during construction. There are several input variants like center, parallel with distance etc.. Guidelines have their own visibilities and can additionally be switched on and off with a button in our upper toolbar.

Text, Item text, Autotext

The software uses several different text types, standard text, item text and autotext. Item text is linked to a specific construction or drawing element and shows this element with a line between text and object. While you position item text, an automatic description is added depending on the element. Autotext is used in 2D symbols,… … »»»