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Kitchen planner for designing your own kitchen

Kitchen with red frontAre you are looking for a 3D kitchen planner software for designing your kitchen and for advice on how to best proceed?

We will show you what kinds of kitchen planner solutions are available and what the differences are.

You will find out more about what you should consider when designing a kitchen and how you should best proceed when actually designing your kitchen and yield the best results.

Kitchen planner online solution or PC solution?

Regarding the kitchen planner solutions offered on the market, there are online solutions and offline solutions.

  • Online kitchen planner for designing your kitchen via a website

An online kitchen planner facilitates kitchen planning directly via the internet. You will only need a browser to display the online kitchen planner to get started designing your kitchen online. The installation of a complete
kitchen planner software solution is not necessary.

▷ What you should look for when selecting an online kitchen planner

  • Kitchen planner software via download or on DVD

Kitchen with wooden frontsThe offline solution of a kitchen planner is the installation of kitchen planner software on your own PC. This solution requires storage space on your hard drive but it provides some advantages compared to the online version.

▷ What you should look for when selecting a kitchen planner software

Afterwards it is all about the design of your actual kitchen. There are kitchens with structured surfaces – for example kitchen fronts with fitted decorative profiles – and smooth surfaces. The external fronts of the kitchen differentiate themselves in color, material (texturing) and finish (glossy, matt).

Kitchen plan software for designing your own kitchen via download or DVD


Independent kitchen plan software (offline solution) as opposed to an online kitchen planner allows you to plan kitchens from different manufacturers.

The kitchen objects with a software solution are normally rich in details because loading times on the hard drive are neglected.

A professional 3D kitchen plan program for drawing a kitchen almost always has a comfortable wizard for room planning. In just a few steps you can finish putting in the kitchen room with walls, doors, windows and wall recesses. Of course, you can also consider attic floors and inclined walls, as this is not available with online versions.

Planning a kitchen by means of a kitchen plan software

In the next steps we will describe the planning of a kitchen when using the planning software cadvilla and the
object library 3D kitchen collection 1 and 3D kitchen collection 2.

General points concerning kitchen objects

Object collections with kitchen modules (3D objects), that are also available are provided for planning the kitchen. It makes little sense to plan a kitchen that cannot be produced. Skewing and scaling of kitchen objects also doesn’t make sense.

Kitchen modules are subject to certain raster dimensions – in width, in height and also in depth.

KüchenmodulStandard heights of modules for *)

  • Floor cupboards: 120mm, 360mm, 600mm, 720mm, 960mm
  • Hanging wall units: 240mm, 360mm, 480mm, 600mm, 720mm, 840mm, 960mm, 1200mm, 1800mm
  • Tall cupboards: 1260mm, 1620mm, 600mm, 1980mm, 2220mm
  • Top mounted cabinets on the countertop: 900mm, 1020mm, 600mm, 1220mm, 1260mm

*) The heights refer to the height WITHOUT foot socket and WITHOUT countertop (in the example for a height of 72 cm). This means that the height of the countertop consists in our example of the module height (e.g. 720mm) + the countertop height + the foot socket height.

Standard module widths for:

  • Floor cupboards: 150mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 600mm, 700mm, 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm, 1200mm
  • Hanging wall units: 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 600mm, 700mm, 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm
  • Tall cupboards: 300mm, 450mm, 600mm,1980 mm, 2220mm
  • Top mounted cabinets on the countertop: 600mm

Standard module widths for:

  • Floor cupboards: 710mm, 610mm, 600mm, 510mm, 380mm
  • Hanging wall units: 610mm, 510mm, 380mm
  • Tall cupboards: 710mm, 610mm, 600mm, 510mm, 380mm
  • Top mounted cabinets on the countertop: 710mm, 610mm, 510mm, 380mm

Feet for kitchen module

The top counter height is normally between approximately 85cm and 100cm and can be adjusted via the pedestal of the kitchen module. The pedestal can be adjusted variably. Therefore the height of the top counter can also be adjusted right before the installation of the kitchen. A panel or a base plate is put in front of each pedestal.

The top counter height of the kitchen is calculated as follows: Top counter height = kitchen module height + top counter height + pedestal height

Due to the many possible combinations there are objects included in the object collections for example for a floor cupboard with the same front and the same height in the widths 450mm, 600mm, 1000mm and1200mm.

The object collections include owned objects for the coloring and texturing of the kitchen fronts with the colors and textures offered by the kitchen manufacturers. Theoretically, you could also select other colors and textures, however this would not make sense because it might not be possible to produce the kitchen.

The kitchen fronts can be displayed in a shiny and matt way via the texture characteristics.

The libraries for the kitchen objects also include 3D object libraries for the area electric appliances, sinks, water faucets and lightning fixtures.

Procedure when planning a kitchen with cadvilla

  • Kitchen in beige / taupeDrawing the room by using the comfortable wizard for room planning. In a few steps you can finish putting in the kitchen room with walls, doors, windows and wall recesses.
  • Input of each kitchen module from the catalog.
  • Adjusting all objects to the exact height without considering the pedestal height – the panel for the pedestals is inserted only in the end.
  • Input of the electric appliances, the sink with the water faucets and additionally the lightning fixtures and spots. With the lightning fixture objects the light color and the light intensity are defined.
  • Creating the pedestal (pedestal panels) by using the surfaces planner via the function “create surface”.
  • Creating the top counter by using the surfaces planner via the function “create surface”.
  • Texturing the pedestal and the top counter

After the kitchen is completely furnished and textured, cadvilla offers the possibility to view and walk through the kitchen in the top view, in side views or in 3D.

Save views of the kitchen planning as an image

Ambient occlusionWith cadvilla you can have an efficient light and shadow rendering with consideration of ambient occlusion for creating realistic 3D views of your kitchen planning.

The consideration of ambient occlusion makes the image look more plastic and closer to reality as opposed to the simple light and shadow rendering.

You can find additional articles about designing your house in our guide for house builders. You can find additional articles about designing floor plans in our guide drawing floor plans.

Online kitchen planner for designing your kitchen

An online kitchen planner facilitates designing your kitchen on the internet. You will only need a browser to display the website and to be able to design the kitchen online.

You will not have to install a complete software solution if you want to use an online kitchen planner.

Some providers of kitchen planner online solutions require additional software packages – so called plug ins – for the browser in order to be able to – for example – display and flip the kitchen objects in the browser in 3D – in this case additional software (plug in) would have to be installed on the computer. It is up to the user to decide if he wants that.

The actual design of the kitchen online requires only a permanent connection to the internet.

The more detailed a kitchen object is displayed in 3D, the bigger the data volume. Details mean bigger data volume – and big data volume means longer download times. Therefore, loading an entire kitchen catalog may take a long time. The more detailed the kitchen object displayed in the online kitchen planner, the longer the loading times for each kitchen module and thus in the end for the entire kitchen.

Online kitchen planners nearly always refer to a specific kitchen manufacturer. In that case you can only select kitchen objects and colors that are actually available with the corresponding kitchen manufacturer.

For example, Notel and Nobilia offer decent online kitchen planners.

Kitchen planner software for installation on your computer is an alternative to online kitchen planner. If, in addition to the kitchen, you would like to design the corresponding house, you will find further information in under guide 3D house planner.

cadvilla is a professional 3D room planner software with which you can also design a kitchen

Visualize your kitchen with the 3D planning software cadvilla in combination with the following object libraries:

All cadvilla versions are online available as a download and on DVD.

Compatible with Windows 7 / 10 / 11

We have the right software solution for you! The prices range between € 39,95 – € 219,00 incl. VAT. *

cadvilla basic cadvilla basic plus cadvilla professional cadvilla professional plus


Sample pictures

Shown below are a few examples which were created with the cadvilla architecture software.

To enlarge one the following images simply click on it. To close the window which is then opened, simply click on close window or press the ESC-key.

Kitchen SampleKitchen SampleKitchen SampleKitchen SampleKitchen SampleOffice Facility 1Office Facility 2Office Facility 3

Customer projects:

FlatFlat from outside