Shortcut keys and mouse combinations

Important shortcut keys (key combinations) and mouse combinations in cadvilla


Mausrad Turning the mouse wheel
Mausrad Holding down the mousewheel
rechte Maustaste Holding down the right mouse button and moving the mouse
linke Maustaste Holding down the left mouse button and moving the mouse


Keyboard and mouse combinations in 2D / 3D

Mausrad Zoom in / Zoom out to Cursor
STRG+Mausrad Zoom in / Zoom out
STRG+Umschalt+mausrad Move up / down
Umschalt+Mausrad Move left / right
Mausrad Pan (only in 2D views)
rechte Maustaste Stepless zoom
linke Maustaste Rotate (only in 3D views)
Umschalt+linke Maustaste Pan (only in 3D views)
Pos1 Show all


Important Keyboard Shortcuts (key combinations)

STRG+W Change reference point
STRG+Tabulator Switch between views
Space Enter tool options dialog
W Show / hide tool options dialog
W Perpendicular (for constructional support)
W Intersection point (for constructional support)
W Point with distance from (for constructional support)
W Center point (for constructional support)
W Numeric parallel guideline
Horizontal guideline
Vertical guideline
W Complete an input for polygonal tools
STRG Activate angle grid (Keep CTRL key pressed)
ESC Quit tool (Depending on the tool , 2x ESC)


Disable tool temporarily (Keep ALT key pressed) Zoom, scroll or pan while inserting an element to reach a better position

STRG+Click on view

Sets a new active view
STRG+Space Set selectable objects


Download important keyboard and mouse shortcuts as PDF-file

Manual shortkeys downloadThis PDF Manual includes important Shortcuts and mouse combinations for using cadvilla in in 2D/3D.

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