How to print and to save 3D-pictures and 3D-views

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To print 3D-pictures, 3D-views, sketchviews and wire frame models you have to calculate and save the picture in the correct resolution. To save a picture we use the function “Save view as picture“.


The higher the resolution the better/sharper the picture. The minimum resolution for good prints is about 150dpi, very good are 330dpi. After the picture is saved we can print the file with the standard windows functions.

How to define the correct dimensions in the “Save Picture” dialogue:


The print should have a size of 15 x 10 cm. The print should have a resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch), of course you will need a printer who can print in this resolution. One inch is approximately 2,54 cm. That means that 15 x 10 cm are 5,91 x 3,94 inch. When you multiply now 5,91 with the resolution of 300 dpi you will receive the pixels in the X-Direction. The same works of course also with the Y-Direction.

In our example we would have to calculate the picture in

300 dpi  with approximately 1780 x 1180 pixels and in

150 dpi with approximately 890 x 590 pixels.

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