How to enter a ground plan based on a sketch


In this Video-Tutorial we show you, how you can enter a ground plan based on a sketch, a picture or a scan.

The basic workflow:

  • In the first step we create a new 2D view in cadvilla.
  • Before we import the sketch we create a new layer for it. Therefore we make a right mouse click on the layer “Ground floor” – “New layer”. We enter a name for the layer and we press “OK”.
  • To import the sketch we select “2D & Layout” – “Insert bitmap” – “Rectangle”. We select a picture out of the directory and we press “Ok”.
  • We enter the picture with the help of a rectangle and after it we press “Ok”.
  • Now we adjust the scaling of the picture, therefore we select it and we press the right mouse button – “Adjust scaling”. We adjust the scaling with the help of 2 points of known length. It is very important that the length of these 2 points is the longest distance with a known length in our sketch. After we have selected the 2 points a window appears. In this window we enter the “Target length”.
  • The sketch is now scaled and now we control the scaling. Therefore we measure for example the distance of a dimensioning (Shortcut “D” for the function “Dimension”). Important is that we measure in the X and Y direction.
  • Now we start to enter the walls. Therefore we measure the wall thickens in our sketch and after it we select the layer “Ground floor” on which we will enter the walls. In the next step we select “Building” – “External Wall” – “Between two points chain”. We press the right mouse button – “Properties” and at the point “Thickness” we change the wall thickness. After it we press “OK”.
  • We select a start point for our wall, select the correct reference point with the key combination “CTRL+W” and we enter the wall. To enter the wall 100% horizontal or vertical we can press the “CTRL” key during the entry.
  • With the same method we can also enter the internal and non supporting walls.
  • To enter doors and windows we deactivate the layer “Ground floor” and we measure in the sketch (Shortcut “D” for the function “Dimension”) the desired dimensions.
  • We select again the layer “Ground floor” and we enter the door/window with the help of guidelines. (For more information’s about the entry of doors and windows we recommend our video tutorials “How to enter doors” & “How to enter windows”).
  • To save RAM we delete in the end the layer on which we have imported the sketch.

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