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Frequently asked questions about cadvilla

Our 3D architecture software includes a very simple and self-explaining user interface concept in combination with powerful features.
Therefore, the CAD program is ideal for both professional and private users.
Our clients in the commercial sector include architects, contractors, professional planners, design offices and draftsmen who use cadvilla to create comprehensive plans for new construction projects and renovations.

Real estate agents particularly like to use the 3D architecture software because of the high-quality 3D visualizations for presentation purposes and thus create exposés with color-designed 2D floor plans and 3D views of the building.

In the private sector, self-builders and “hobby architects” use our software to create complete and standardized documents for planning application or to give the architect an initial idea of the desired project and thus save planning costs.

As a general rule, if you’re planning a home or apartment, you should begin with the best professional software right from the start just to save time and money.

Previous knowledge and experience in dealing with a 3D CAD architecture program is not required. The user interface and handling is intuitive and in most cases self-explaining. However, a basic knowledge of your Windows operating system should be available

Basic knowledge of the building construction sector is helpful, but not required.

With the help of our training videos on YouTube and in our support area, you will be able to create sophisticated floorplans and walk through your building in 3D without any previous knowledge.

The default settings of the construction elements (for example, walls with layer structure, windows, doors, stairs, beams) are provided with meaningful values and can be applied immediately.
The timber construction for your roof is created automatically and does not require any special knowledge. If necessary, the default parameters for the design elements can of course be changed at any time later.

From the beginning of the architectural software development, attention has been paid to an intuitive and user-friendly handling. The CAD program is therefore also suitable for people without special computer experience.

In addition to the manual, provided as PDF-file, and an extensive support area with more than 200 training videos, an online tutorial is also available to get you started. The tutorial demonstrates the creation of an example floor plan step by step.

With these tools, a quick learning curve of the software is guaranteed and the learned features can be used immediately in your own project. Even without previous knowledge, you will soon be able to create a sophisticated floor plan.

Once your order has been placed, a personal download link for the software and a second for the tutorial package will be sent to you by e-mail.
This download link is valid for 3 weeks. During this period you can download the software as often as you like. After three weeks the link becomes invalid.

Therefore, it is important to retain a copy of the downloaded files on an EXTERNAL medium for possible later installations.

The software can be ordered primarily as a download. Optionally, you could order a BACKUP DVD in your shopping cart.

This customized BACKUP DVD contains all the files that are provided for download.

The first place to go in case of questions about the program is apart of the manual our extensive support area with hundreds of descriptions and video tutorials.

If your questions are still not answered, please call us on +43 662 650 650 40. We are always available on business days between 9: 30-12: 00h and 13: 30-16: 30h.

Another option to solve your problem is a free remote support by our well trained customer care. We show you remotely on your screen how to solve the issue. Call us, we will then log in via TeamViewer on your computer and show you how it’s done.

Our company now exists for more than 20 years and has been active in architectural software and construction software development ever since. The “Know How” acquired during this time for a powerful and user-friendly CAD software and many years of experience resulted in our product cadvilla.

The architectural software cadvilla was introduced in 2009 with great success and has since been developed further with numerous new functions.

Yes, all important requirements according to the DIN standard are considered and made available during construction.

When constructing, for example, a dimension according to DIN 1356 is possible. Windows and doors can be presented architect-friendly in the plan. Standardized wall hatch patterns for displaying different building materials are included in the program. Our catalog with 2D symbols for electrical, gas and safety installation meets German standards and much more.

Also, the calculation of living areas can be set so that either DIN 277 or Wohnflächenverordnung (living space calculation) (WoFlV) is taken into account.

If you would like to test cadvilla in advance, it is possible to request a TRIAL version. This TRIAL version then runs from installation 5 days without any restriction.

Our TRIAL versions are configured and provided individually for each customer. For this we need your complete postal address including valid phone number and permanent email address.

The data will then be encoded into a TRIAL version of cadvilla professional. The download link for this version will be sent to the email address you have previously specified.

For the request of the trial version please use this # form #.

The data you provided are completely subject to our privacy policy and will not be used for any other purpose, not even for our own advertising activities.

You can also call us at any time to clarify questions before you make your purchase decision.

A purchased license can be activated on a maximum of two devices. However, simultaneous use of both computers is not permitted by our licensing conditions.

If you ever replace your computer with a newer device, the software will of course be re-enabled on the new device by simply requesting a new activation key.

When purchasing a license from cadvilla, there are no additional or hidden costs. The price is a one off payment without subscription and the purchased license can be used almost without time limitation (over 70 years).

Updates within a version number (e.g., version to appear several times a year and are available for free by download.

Once a year we typically release a new version with a new version number (e.g., This version can then be purchased as an upgrade for a reduced upgrade price (upgrades are not mandatory).

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