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cadvilla basic plus

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General information on Cadvilla basic plus

User interface with section views

Cadvilla basic plus is the enhanced basic version of our architecture software for simpler projects. It has all the features of the basic version “cadvilla-basic” but also offers other important features. One of the most important highlights is the automatic creation of 2D side views and sections based on the captured 3D model. These are specifically required for building applications. However, this function is also extremely important for the further construction of elements that can only be defined in a side presentation (such as a polygonal wall recess).
In addition to the functions for drawing floor plans, it can also perfectly be used as 3D furnishing planner. Thanks to the considerably extended editing options compared to cadvilla basic, the floor plans can be modelled in even greater detail and furnished.

During the virtual inspection, you will receive a realistic first impression of the fully furnished rooms even before they actually exist using our 3D visualization  No matter whether you are a private builder or beginner: With Cadvilla basic plus, simpler projects can nicely be prepared, and you become your own architect.

Cadvilla basic plus includes all the CAD features of the “basic” versions.

Creation of side views and sections – an important feature

side views and sections

Private builders and beginners who want to implement smaller projects for building applications not only benefit from the intuitive operation of the program, but also from the high scope of performance of the Cadvilla basic plus version. Among other things, you can automatically create 2D side views and sections based on the 3D model and further edit them.

Thus, elements that require exact positioning in height (z-axis) can be positioned precisely and simultaneously aligned with other elements. Sections are also a necessary prerequisite for the graphic determination of height positions. For example, they know the maximum prescribed height for your dream house. On average, the exact eaves height for the finished defined roof can be graphically determined and thus exactly adapted to the maximum permissible overall height.

Revision of created 2D floor plans

All 2D top views, side views and sections of the floor plan can be decoupled from the 3D model using the 2D graphic view and converted into a pure 2D vector graphic.

This makes the plan fully editable. The presentation of lines and polygons can be modified or deleted as desired and thus give the user full freedom in designing his final plans.

High compatibility

Cadvilla basic plus is the enhanced version of the basic architecture software and requires Windows 7 / 10 / 11. The cadvilla basic plus version is upward compatible to all versions of the same version number, i.e. with cadvilla professional and cadvilla professional plus. Work you have already started in a lower version can be transferred to the higher version after an upgrade. The multilingual feature of the software including over 10 languages is another great advantage.

Overview of the range of functions

A detailed overview of the functions of this version

More information about the 3D architecture software cadvilla basic plus

Some outstanding information about the 3D architecture software cadvilla basic plus

In addition to all the functions of cadvilla basic, cadvilla basic plus has additional outstanding functions such as:

  • Automatically creation of 2D building sections based on the 3D model
  • Supplement of 2D sectional drawings with extensive 2D drawing functions and 2D symbols
  • Creation of stairs with complex landings at freely definable height levels
  • Creation of simple 3D objects for general use in the 3D object catalog
  • Free construction of balconies and carports surface elements
  • Automatic creation of 2D side views based on the 3D model
  • Supplement of the 2D exterior view using extensive 2D drawing functions and 2D symbols
  • Creation of parallel perspectives
  • Creation of height profiles of properties on slopes
  • Conversion of generated 2D drawings based on the 3D model into a fully editable vector drawing
  • Transfer of the properties of created elements (such as walls, windows, …) to other elements of the same type
  • Export of the whole 3D model or parts of it to other 3D formats (3DS, SKP, 3D-DXF, OBJ, …)

More details on the functions of cadvilla basic plus

  • Newer generation of Intel® (≥ Generation 7) / AMD® processor (launched in 2017)
  • Working memory at least 12 GB RAM
  • Newer generation of graphic card (launched in 2015)
    • Minimum resolution of 1280×1024 pixels
    • (recommended: Graphics card with dedicated graphic memory)
  • Mouse or touchpad

at least 15 GB free hard disk space



Windows 7 / 10 / 11
FULL supported
(64 Bit)



MAC Operating systems are
NOT supported
(e.g. MAC OS 9, MAC OS X)



virtual environments
NOT supported
(e.g. Windows parallels)

The following languages are integrated in all cadvilla versions, and can be switched via the settings.

German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Slovakian, Spanish, Turkish, Hungarian

Upgrade from cadvilla basic plus to the latest version

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Upgrade to a larger version of cadvilla

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