How to define the selection settings

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In this Video-Tutorial we show you how you can define and how you can edit the selection settings.
There are two different methods how we can get into the selection settings menu.

  • For the first method we open the menu – “Settings” – “General” – “Selection“.
  • For the second method we press the key combination “CTRL“+”SPACE” to get into the selection settings.

The basic workflow:

  • In the selection settings, at the point “Selection“, we can select a colour in which selected objects get displayed. We can also define the radius in which selected objects get captured. Selected objects are for example a roof or a wall. We recommend a radius between 5 and 10 pixels.
  • At the point “Selection Points” we can define the size and the colour of the selection points of a selected object. Also here we recommend a radius between 5 and 10 pixels. Selection points are for example the entered corner points of a defined roof.
  • If we use a selection box, we can define at the point “Objects become selectable when they are“, if objects become selectable when they are completely or partially inside of a selection box. We recommend the function “Completely“.
  • At the point “Selectable objects” we can define which object-types are selectable. When we click on the plus and minus symbols we can open and close the object trees. If all object-types should be selectable we can click on the function “All“.
  • To save the defined settings we can click on the button “Save as default“. Now we can use the settings also in a new project.

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