How to edit and enter the roof

In this Video-Tutorial we show you how you can enter with the 3D CAD house planning software cadvilla a roof and how you can define the properties of it with the 3D CAD house planning software cadvilla.

You can enter a roof polygon with the help of a rectangle, polygonal or with the automatic contour selection. When the contour of the roof is selected you can edit in the roof dialogue the single sides of the roof. You can select the roof sides in the 3D-view (you can open the 3D-view when you click on the button 3D in the roof dialogue) or in the object tree of the roof. Also you can use the support of the multiple copy function to transfer defined properties to other roof sides.
For each roof side you can define an individual height, but at the same time we can also change the height of the complete roof.

The basic workflow:

  • In the first step we make a right mouse click at the layer “Building” – “New floor above”. We enter a name for the floor, for example “Attic” and after it we select the point “Transfer”. As source for the transfer we select for example the 1. upper floor and at the point “Objects” we choose “selected”. We deselect for example all objects, only the “Construction Elements” stay selected (Of course you can select or deselect in your project also other objects). After it we confirm with “OK”.
  • The new floor is created and now we select “Building” – “Roof construction” – “Insert roof” and for example “Insert roof on selected contour”. Now we choose in the 2D-view the area of the project where we want to built the roof, the program tags automatically the outline with green colour and we confirm the entry with a left mouse click.
  • The dialogue “Roof construction” opens and when we click on the “3D” symbol in the lower right corner we can open the preview window. The register is located in the left area of the window in which we can find lots of roof adjustment options. Here we can define, edit and change the dimensions of the materials, the cladding, the wood construction & wood dimensions, the rafters, the eaves details and the gable end details. At the point “Hall construction” we can define our roof as a hall construction.
  • To define the single roof sites, we select in the preview window the desired roof side with a left mouse click. The concerned roof side gets automatically selected in the register. Now we can choose a “Profile” for the roof site, for example a “Gable” roof. At the point “Overhang” we can define the overhang of the roof. To confirm the entry we press the “TAB” key, after it the preview window gets automatically updated. At the profile “Hipped roof” we could also edit the “Pitch” and the “Height” of the roof. At all roof sides we can also choose and edit the jamp sill and the profiles in the register. Of course there is also the possibility to create a multiple copy to transfer the properties of a defined roof site to another roof site. Therefore we select the function “Multiple copy” and after it the “multiple copies” dialogue opens automatically. The current selection in the dialogue gets displayed in red colour. To choose roof sites for the multiple copy we select them and after it the selected roof sites get displayed in green colour. Finally we click on “Transfer” and on “Ok” to confirm the transfer. After all roof sites are finished defined we can confirm the new properties with a click on the “OK” button.
  • The roof is created and if we would like to change again the properties of the roof, we select the roof – right mouse button – “Properties”.
  • Under the roof gable we can see a hole in the wall. To close this hole we make a right mouse click on the layer “Attic” – “Properties”. At the point “Rough height” we enter for example 6 meters, the overhanging walls will get automatically cutted off by the roof. After it we press “OK”. The hole is now closed and the overhanging walls got cutted off by the roof.
  • We can switch the cladding and the roof construction in the 3D- and 2D-view on and off. Therefore we click on the symbol “Cladding on/off”. To change the visibility for different object types and categories we make a right mouse click – “Visibilities”. Here we can deselect for example at the point “Extension elements” the function “Roof panelling”. After it we press “OK”. Now only the roof construction gets displayed, we can show or hide the roof construction with the function “Roof construction on/off”.
  • To move the roof in the height, we select the roof – right mouse button – “Properties”. At the point “General” we can enter at the field “Move roof level by” a value to move the roof. After the entry we click on the “Apply” button. In the preview window we can see the changes, if the roof is correct defined we can press “OK” to confirm the new properties.

The zooming function used in this video works up to cadvilla V5 slightly different.
The adapted video (changings in zoom) you can find here.

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