External walls with numerical input (length and angle)

In this Video-Tutorial we show you, how you can enter the external walls of a model home with numerical input for wall lengths and wall angles.

The basic workflow:

  • To enter an external wall we select “Building” – “External Wall” – “Between two points chain”. To define the wall properties we press the right mouse button – “Properties”. In the wall properties we can define the dimensions and the depiction of the wall.
  • To define a layer construction for a wall we select in the wall properties the point “Layer construction”. In the layer construction properties it is possible to define a wall which is made out of different layers.
    To add a new layer to an existing layer we select the function “Insert new layer above” or “Insert new layer below”. The different layers get displayed in the preview window. In the preview window we can select the layers and after the selection we can edit them. To define a material for a layer we select the layer and we click on the field “Material” – “2D Display”. Here we can edit the fill style, the colour and the pattern of the layer.
  • The properties of the wall are finish defined and we can start to enter the wall. Therefore we select a start point for the wall and we choose the correct reference point with the key combination “CTRL+W”.
  • The tool options window automatically appears when we enter a wall. With the shortcut “W” we can show or hide the window. We can select the window with a left mouse click or we press the shortcut “SPACE”. Now we can define in the tool options window the distance and the angle of our wall. To switch between the fields we press the “TAB” Key. To confirm our entry we select the field “Insert point” and we confirm with “Enter”.
    • Of course you can also use the help of guidelines to enter the walls (“2D & Layout” – “2D Guidelines” – “Guideline”).
    • To extend walls we select “Edit” – “Edit walls” – “Extend/Shorten wall” or we press the shortcut “v”.
    • Please note, that from our view, the entry with the help of guidelines is way faster. Out of this reason we recommend to enter the walls of your project with the help of guidelines. Of course a video tutorial “How to enter a plot with guidelines” is available.

The zooming function used in this video works up to cadvilla 5.x.x.x slightly different.
The adapted video (changings in zoom) you can find here.

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