How to create a wall opening with round arch

In this Video-Tutorial we show, how you can create a wall opening with round arch in the 3D CAD house planning software cadvilla. Please note that some of the functions in this Video-Tutorial are not available in the product version cadvilla basic.

The basic workflow:

  • In the first step we select the desired wall, in which we will create the wall opening, in the 2D-view. Depending on the position of the wall it can be necessary to select a specific wall site. To select a specific wall site we move the cursor close to the desired wall site and we press the left mouse button. The outer wall site of the selected wall site will be displayed in red colour. After it we press the right mouse button and we select “Create wall section“.
  • The wall section opens automatically and we press the “ESC” key to end the selection. Now we can place the wall section with the help of the function “vertical” side by side with the other views. To define the dimensions of the wall opening and the round arch we recommend guidelines and a guide ellipse (“2D & Layout” – “2D Guidelines“).
  • After we have entered the guidelines we select “Building” – “Cutout” – “Wall cutout” – “insert with polygon“. When we enter the wall cutout it is essential that the start and the end point of the wall cutout are inside of the wall. Also the cursor has to be inside of the wall when we enter these points, otherwise we will receive an error message. After we have entered all points we press the right mouse button and we select “Complete“.
  • The wall opening with round arch is now created and we can close the wall section. We can also delete the section symbol, therefore we select it and we press the “DELETE” key.
    • If we would like to delete the wall opening we select it in the 2D-view and we press also the “DELETE” key.

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