How to enter and define a terrace

In this Video-Tutorial we show you, how you can enter and define a terrace.

The basic workflow:

  • There are 2 different options how we can enter a terrace. As surface element or as terrain element. The difference between these options is the terrain on which we place the terrace. If we would like to create our terrace parallel to the terrain we select the surface element. If the terrain is defined for example with different high contours we recommend the terrain element. The terrain element gets automatically adjusted to the terrain.
  • For both options we recommend the help of guidelines (“2D & Layout” – “2D Guidelines” – “Guideline”).
  • To select the surface element we choose “Construction” – “Create surface element”- “Insert with rectangle/polygon”. After it we select a surface in the 3D-view for plane definition, on which we will create parallel our surface element. After it we enter the rectangle/polygon in the 2D view.
  • After the entry the surface element properties open. Here we can change the dimensions and we can select a color for your surface. After it we press “Ok”.
  • To texturize the surface element in the 3D-view we select the “Catalogue” – “Textures”.
    We select a texture, press and hold the left mouse button and drag it on our surface element. To edit the texture we select “3D Functions” – “Edit material”. We select the texture and the material editor opens.
  • The second option – the terrain element – we can select at the point “Terrain” – “Terrain elements” – “Terrace” – “Insert with polygon”. We enter the polygon, press the right mouse button and select “complete”. The texturizing of the terrain element works the same way as the texturizing of the surface element.
  • Please note: If you create a terrain element on a different layer than the layer “Environment” it will get automatically transferred to the “Environment” layer.

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