In this Video-Tutorial we show you how you enter windows, using predefined window constructions and the constructional support, in the 3D CAD house planning software cadvilla.

The basic workflow:

  • To select the predefined window constructions we click on “Building” – “Window” – “Window construction” – “Free positioning“. To define the window properties we press the right mouse button in the 2D view and we select “Properties“. To define the window properties we recommend the video-tutorial “How to define window properties (Predefined window constructions)“.
  • When we position a window in a wall, the opening direction gets displayed in the form of an arrow. To change the opening direction we move the mouse in the desired opening direction. The sill height text is always on the opposing side of the opening direction.
  • To change the reference point of a window we press the key combination “CTRL+W“. The reference point gets displayed as a blue circle. You can change the reference point between the right and left edge and the middle of the window.
  • To enter a window with the help of the constructional support we press the right mouse button – “Constructional support“. If you would like to place a window for example in the middle of a room, you can use the function “Centre point” or the shortcut “m” in the constructional support menu. After we have chosen a start- and an end point, the window will be automatically positioned in the middle of the defined area. Another option is to position a window with the constructional support function “Point with distance from” or the shortcut “a” (Please note that it is important to select the correct reference point of the window before you use this function!). We select in the first step a reference point, after it we define the direction in which we will position the window and in the end we enter the distance from the reference point to the reference point of the window.
  • To edit the properties of an already positioned window, we select the window – right mouse button – “Properties“.
  • Of course you can also position a window with the help of guidelines (“2D & Layout” – “2D Guidelines“).
  • To position windows without complications in your project please avoid walls made out of different wall segments with the same wall thickness. Delete those wall segments and insert instead of different wall segments one continuing wall.
  • If you would like to move a window you can use the function “Move with reference point“. Therefore we select the desired window and we choose in the selection menu the function “Move with reference point” or we press the shortcut “r“. After it we select a reference point on the window and we move the window for example with the help of a guideline.
  • You can also move a window over dx / dy. Therefore we select the window and we choose the function “Move” in the selection menu. After it we use the “SPACE” key to switch into the tool options window to define the parameters for dx / dy. After it we press “OK” to move the window.

The zooming function used in this video works up to cadvilla 5.x.x.x slightly different.
The adapted video (changings in zoom) you can find here.

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