How to remove missing symbols, objects and textures


In this Video-Tutorial we show you how you can remove and delete missing symbols, objects & textures in the 3D CAD house planning software cadvilla.

If you receive for example a cadvilla project per mail and the project includes symbols, objects and textures which are not available on your computer because they are for example custom made, you will receive an error message when you open the project. Because the missing objects are not saved in the project file, only the file paths are saved there. If you remove those missing objects they will no longer exist in the project, also if you send the project back to the computer where the custom objects are saved.

The basic workflow:

  • When you open the project you will receive an error message “Missing files…” in which the referenced files are listed. If those files are not available on your computer you can confirm with “OK“. After it you will receive one more error message in which the files are listed, you can confirm again with “OK“.
  • Now the project is opened and we select “Help” – “Start project diagnostic“. The “Project diagnostic” window opens and here we select the function “Remove all unknown properties and objects“. After it we can close the window.
  • If we save now the project and we open it again there will be no more error messages about missing files.

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